What topics can I have my say about in the budget?

    You can have your say by :

    * learning more about the council’s plans for the coming year and then

    * making comment about any aspect of these plans

    You can comment on any aspect of

    * the proposed tasks  or their timing,

    * or any aspect of the financial summaries.

    * any changes in the list of council 'Fees & Charges' 

    How can I find out what’s in the council’s budget?

    Orange City Council’s budget for the coming financial year is contained in a set of documents known as the Delivery Operation Plan 2019/20.

    You can download the budget papers from this page.

    The plan is a list of strategic directions, objectives, strategies and tasks together with the timing of when they are to be delivered, and, a section of financial summaries which outlines the proposed costs of key tasks.

    The second section of the budget is about money, the financial summaries.

    As well as the ‘spending’ side of the ledger, you can comment on the council’s proposals to raise income.

    Council raises money by a number of methods including through rates paid by residents, by charging a fee to provide a council service, and by obtaining grants from the state and federal government.

    You can download the proposed 'Fees & charges' document here.

    A good way to understand the budget is to start with the executive summary in the report that was presented to the 14 June council meeting.

    How can I have my say about the budget?

    There are number of ways you can have your say about the proposed budget.

    You can :

    * Complete this short survey

    * Leave an online comment

    * Make a more detailed submission, by writing to or emailing the council.