Budget 2017

The period for community consultation on the 2017 Draft Budget has concluded. A report on the community response was considered by staff and presented to the 13 June council meeting which adopted the final budget.

Orange City Council wants you to have your say on the proposed budget for the coming year.

Here you can :

  • read articles about major projects
  • find out about which roads will be targeted for upgrades
  • learn about the planned increase in rates, together with the new list of fees & charges for council services.
  • have your say by leaving a comment, or completing a survey.
  • you can also make a formal submission on the budget

Orange City Council wants you to have your say on the proposed budget for the coming year.

Here you can :

  • read articles about major projects
  • find out about which roads will be targeted for upgrades
  • learn about the planned increase in rates, together with the new list of fees & charges for council services.
  • have your say by leaving a comment, or completing a survey.
  • you can also make a formal submission on the budget

You can have your say about any aspect of Orange City Council's 2017 draft budget.

When making suggested changes to the budget, please keep in mind that Orange City Council is committed to returning  a balanced budget. Increasing funding in one area will  result in less funds being available in another.  

While there is currently a budget surplus, this may be impacted by unexpected  extra costs during the coming year.

You can also complete a brief survey on the budget by clicking on the 'Budget 2017 Survey' tab.

Regarding road expenditure. 2 things I suggest. If I may: 1. The use of reflectors at ground level, on the extremities of the concrete, for all the street furniture appearing on our suburban roads.This is especially important for the most recent ones that have square edges, unlike the older ones with chamfered edges. The white paint rapidly fades and these dangerous protrusions are difficult to see at night and in fog. I believe this would be an important safety improvement, as there is the potential for a major accident if a vehicle becomes out of control after hitting one of these protrusions.2. The widening of Pinnacle Road from 1125 west, towards the pinnacle lookout. This section of road is too narrow to have marker lines painted in the centre, according to the roadworks department, and yet it contains a blind crest and the water erosion on the sides is in some places 600mm deep right at the edge of the tar.It is difficult for two cars to pass with out leaving the tar, let alone the trucks and buses that use this tourist road. It is also unsafe at night and/or in fog to see the road with no marker lines.

Martin Guy over 2 years ago

Could I ask all councilors to step foot inside the Wade Park grandstand, change rooms and rest room facilities. the whole complex is very outdated, weathered and not conducive to attracting visitors to the town for major sporting events. Please compare these facilities to the Glen Willow sporting complex in Mudgee. A town 1/3 the size of Orange, and a town that knows how to impress its visitors with this modern sporting facility.

Paul B over 2 years ago

Very happy to see road upgrades still high on the agenda. for the last 5 years, friends visiting Orange have commented more than once on the poor state of the roads coming into and through Orange. ( one comment only last week ) We have a fantastic town, with a fast growing tourism sector. let's make the town a pleasure to get to, and get around in!

Paul B over 2 years ago

Please update this embarrassing website. The website reflects poorly on Orange. It is worse than a free website that can be created by a 10 year old in an hour or two. It's really bad! :)

niel almost 3 years ago

Forget the Cricket center of Excellence, a terrible idea pandering to a small number of people who want other people's money. Let them do some work for their own interests. Council enterprises should be self-sustaining, the library, the art gallery, the swimming pools. Why should people pay for something they never use?Footpaths.. meh.. produce the figures showing the cost of suburban footpaths per person.Km used and compare that to other things to spend the money on. Its easier to walk on the road, they are so so wide in Orange, and it would be cheaper to pay a taxi for the odd person on a footpath!Just get out of the idea that the Council is a nice big barrel of money that you stick your hands in as soon as you want something for yourself, your sports club, or this year's fleeting interest you have. Raise the money VOLUNTARILY, as all council money is stolen at gunpoint and represents the loss of a better idea that someone will not spend that money on.Stick to the roads until they are right!

KP almost 3 years ago

Bush or bus shelters as final point in "smaller projects"?If not bus shelters, could consideration of this point be made. In a town with so many schools and other users of public transport, there seems insufficient shelters. This absence seems particularly noticeable in inclement weather. Thank you

Thérèse almost 3 years ago

Playing sport at jack Brabham is great except there is a lack of public toilets and good canteens facilities. There needs to be another toilet block built down near the softball diamonds and the canteen needs to be extended and refurbished. Given that these fields have had state championships etc played there and weekend summer competition I believe that this would definitely enhance the grounds and therefore attracting more players etc.How good would it be to hold a fundraiser involving Masters(35+ softballers) which would dollars to Orange and also promote the region. To do this the fields need to be up to scratch and the toilets and canteen is definitely a good start.

Bob Long ( wife of Bob Cheryl has written this) almost 3 years ago

Jack Brabham requires better facilities including disabled access toilets on the Forest Road side.... this has been on Councils radar for over 10;years

cgutterson almost 3 years ago

Sale street footpath from Dalton Street to Frankin Road need attention. Too many uneven places which cause trips, leaves all over the paths, and absolutely dreadful lighting. Why do the street lights along Sale Street illuminate the roadway with only low level reflected light falling on thr footpaths? I find it much safer to walk along the roadway after dark. Jan Hayes

Jan almost 3 years ago

There are a number of sections on Forest Road which need repairs. From the Hospital lights to the Rural Fire Service. This area needs to be stabilised and turning lanes into Bloomfield Road need to be created. Then there is the area in front of the cherry orchard where there is slumping on a bend. Makes it extremely dangerous driving either way. The road from the Spring Creek Bridge to Orchard Road is a mess with the Council signs highlighting the rough surface. There are more filled potholes then original bitumen. There are also a few other small sections towards Spring Hill. Beasley Road around the culvert near Lucknow also needs repair. Phoenix Mine Road needs some side repairs around the 50 km sign on two bends near Lucknow. The bends need widening as there is a large drop off when meeting an oncoming car which makes it dangerous.Council should be congratulated on the Gosling Creek Bridge work near the Rural Fire Service. It has made a big difference. The Road should now be 100km's hour from the Rural Fire Service.

Forest Road almost 3 years ago

Footpaths are desperately needed throughout orange, you have wonderful new subdivision but no where for families to walk to the shops or botanic gardens/playground. There are some the best playgrounds and parks we have seen since moving to orange but no where to safely to get there with young children without using a car. Particularly in north orange (William maker Drive) This could be stipulated in the development approval process for these subdivisions so the contractor or subdivision owners have to put it in as part of their approval. Like other regions already do. To reduce the initial burden on the rate payer. Drainage basic curb and cutter to protect the roads being done!

New to orange almost 3 years ago

I met some disappointed visitors to town today who couldn't find their way into the tourist information centre (revolving door out of order). They were also frustrated that they hadn't seen any sign welcoming them to Orange so would be great to check there are signs in place - they had approached from Mudgee direction.

Eliza almost 3 years ago

Would be great to have welcome to Wiradjuri Country signs on the outskirts of the town.

Larry almost 3 years ago

It would be nice to have footpaths along Race Course Road and Barrett St, my daughter has a toodler and it's very hard to walk down town from Karri Close, especially once you get on Race Course Road. It is nearly impossible to push a pram on the sidewalk and the road is always busy, very dangerous.Marg

Marg almost 3 years ago

Would there be room in the budget for toilets at Robinson park?

Just asking almost 3 years ago

lighting in Robertson Park suitable for the various night markets that attract 6000 odd rate payer per time X 3 great investment to improve and increase the use of this beautiful park.

James almost 3 years ago

The Orange Botanic Gardens is a great asset to Orange, however there are no tables for families to use for picnicking

Kichy almost 3 years ago

A footpath is required on the eastern side of Clinton Street, between Moulder Street and National Avenue. This rough grassed area is well worn by many families & morning walkers and the elderly, as well as people accessing the swimming pool, including students from Orange High, during sports days in the Summer. I feel that this section is a potential insurance claim area

Kichy almost 3 years ago

A footpath is desperately needed in Dalton St. from Spring St. East to Mathoura Pl. The road is very dangerous with heavy traffic. The nature strip is very rough and uneven to walk on, especially for elderly people. There is a school in Dalton St and many school children use Dalton St. We walk most days and do not feel safe on the road as the nature strip is rough and the grass wet early in the morning, also it would be much easier to walk up the hill if we had a footpath.

Noel almost 3 years ago

There is an urgent need for footpaths going north along Peisley St, from the intersection with Margaret St, along Heatherbrae Pde and a short section of Anson St up to the intersection with Douglas St, in North Orange. There is a pathway from the CWD to Margaret St and a pathway through the residential area from Douglas St to the North Orange shops. However the middle section is missing.The nature strip along the above mentioned area is very uneven, slopped, with holes, tree stumps and driveways of varying quality. As I regularly walk along this street, I have seen women with prams, elderly people with walking frames, joggers and children, walking on the road due to the poor quality of most of the nature strip and the lack of a pathway. A path would benefit all local residents including those going to Bletchington School, Girl Guide Hall, Lutheran Church and those playing at Brendan Sturgeon Oval, as well as those walking to the North Orange shops.

Le almost 3 years ago