Who should participate in this survey?

All employees are encouraged to participate in this survey. This survey gives staff the opportunity to provide constructive feedback on current workplace practices and also to contribute data to aid in the development of Council's Corporate Values, Workforce Management Plan and EEO Plan. 

Is this survey confidential?

The survey is confidential and anonymous and being conducted by Council's Human Resources Section.

Please be as specific as possible, however, feel free to leave out any information that you think may identify you. 

When can I expect to hear the results of the survey?

A report of the survey data will be provided to Directors and the General Manager in January 2019. The results and recommended changes will then be communicated to staff and included in the Workforce Management Plan.

When was the last employee survey completed and what did Council do with our feedback?

Council employees participated in a staff survey in 2015 (the results are still available on the intranet). Council has taken the following actions based on the findings of this survey: Information sessions on flexible working arrangements, New Bullying and Harassment Prevention Policy and Procedure,  Team workshops,  Retirement information sessions, a number of wellness program initiatives and an overall increase in the training provided to employees.

Do you know Council's Corporate Values?

Council’s Corporate Values are currently:

RESPECT—is honest and respectful towards others and work as part of a team

OWNERSHIP—Takes responsibility for actions

HIGH PERFORMANCE—Pursues performance excellence and continually looks for improvement

CUSTOMER FOCUS—Demonstrates a customer focused approach towards internal and external customers

SAFETY—works safely, in accordance with Council’s Work, Health and Safety policy and procedures

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (EEO) - complies with EEO principles and respects diversity

LEADERSHIP—Council encourages all employees to lead by example and role model our values