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Road building season wraps up

8 months ago
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

Orange City Council road crews have wrapped up road building season this financial year after completing more than 16 kilometres of road work including several major upgrades such as Leeds Parade, William Street and Kite Street.

Work by contractors on Cargo Road and Forest Road is ongoing during the winter season but Council crews will be targeting road repair and maintenance until October.

Orange mayor Reg Kidd said this year’s road building season was successful and Council had managed to make a significant difference to the quality of Orange’s roads.

BURRENDONG WAY: A clip from earlier work done on Burrendong Way using a bulldozer.

“It’s more cost effective and better decision for ratepayers to have our crews head into repair and maintenance mode during the cooler, wetter months,” Cr Reg Kidd said.

“But while it was warm they have had all hands on deck getting through a mammoth list of jobs.

“Those included a major upgrade on William Street from Byng Street to March Street and a two kilometre stretch of Leeds Parade.

“These roads in particular have received a lot of community feedback and we’ve certainly listened to that and responded.

“A few years ago there was a lot of heat around the subject of roads and I believe that has certainly dissipated because we’ve got on with the job of upgrading Orange’s roads.”

Orange City Council Infrastructure Committee Chair Cr Sam Romano said the Council had heard “loud and clear” from the public road infrastructure was a major community priority.

“We’re continuing to fund roads in a big way to reflect the community sentiment,” Cr Romano said.

“In the 2018/2019 budget we’ve allocated $28 million on roads, including a range of reseals, rehabilitations and spray seals and that’s another record.

“I certainly think the community has noticed an improvement in our road network and we are committed to further improvement in that area.”

In the 2017/2018 road building season, Council crews, along with contractors completed 10 major rehabilitations or reconstructions and nearly 30 roads were given a new spray seal or a reseal.

The following is a list of work completed during the 2017/2018 road building season:
  • Lords Place – Gardiner Road to the end of Lords Place – rehabilitation* and hotmix.
  • Ophir Road – First crossing and the next 140m- rehabilitation and spray seal.
  • Kite Street- Hill Street to Sampson Street- rehabilitation and removal of a dip in the road at the Clinton Street intersection.
  • North Orange Bypass – Anson Street to Clergate Road – Hot mix asphalt reconstruction
  • Leeds Parade – Margaret Street to Northern Distributor Road – Rehabilitate and spray seal / hotmix asphalt at intersections.
  • Burrendong Way – Northern Distributor Road to Wiradjuri Way – Widening, reconstruction and spray seal.
  • Cargo Road – Boundary to Whitton Lane, sub soil drainage works pavement strengthening and seal.
  • Cargo Road – Whitton to Ploughmans – Stormwater drainage and bulk earthworks (ongoing) with road upgrading next construction season.
  • Wicks Road – full length – Form pavement and spray seal
  • Canobolas Road causeway – widen road and reconstruct causeway with new drainage culvert.
  • Forest Road – Southern Feeder Road to the hospital- Widening, reconstruction, hot mix asphalt seal and traffic lights at the main hospital entrance. (Ongoing)
  • William Street from March Street to Byng Street – reconstruction using a cement stabilised based and a heavy duty layer of hotmix asphalt.
  • Hill Street – Moulder Street to Warrendine Street - rehabilitation and spray seal
  • Anson Street – at Lister Drive and at Phillip Street - rehabilitation and hot mix asphalt
  • The following is a list of roads given a reseal.
  • Aminya Place- Larella Circuit To End
  • Attunga Place-Kurim AvenueTo End
  • Banksia Street-Racecourse Road To Beech Crescent
  • Barrett Street-Kalkadoon Place To Beech Crescent
  • Boyd Place-Ploughmans lane To Wiare Circuit
  • Burreburry Crescent -Wentworth Lane (West) To Wentworth lane (East)
  • Clergate Road-Auberson Road To Pearce Lane
  • Cypress Street-Entire Street
  • Elliott Close-Torulosa Street To End
  • Emily Place-Annabelle Close To End
  • Frost Street-Coronation Drive To Wentworth Lane
  • Laurel Avenue-Valerie Place To End
  • Markham Avenue-End To Morobe Street
  • Melville Place-Anson Street to End
  • Nunkeri Place-Yvonne Crescent To Mirral Way
  • Spring Street-March Street to Byng Street
  • Spring Street-Jindaleee Avenue to Amaroo Crescent
  • Steels Lane-Lone Pine Avenue to Carlton Road
  • Wrights Lane-Mount Pleasant lane to Canobolas Road
  • Elsham Avenue – Leewood Drive to Ash Street – hot mix asphalt.
Projects added to the list during the course of the year:
  • Terry Turner Drive – Amana Circuit to Gilroy Place (Spray Seal)
  • Amaroo Crescent – Tarawell Crescent to Spring Street (Spray Seal)
  • Brunswick Street – Maxwell Avenue to Glenroi Avenue (Spray Seal)
  • Dawson Gates Road – Auberson Road towards Clergate (Spray Seal)
  • Torpy Street at the intersection of Anson Street (Asphalt)
  • Mitchell Parade at Anson Street (Asphalt)
  • Forest Road and Peisley Street at East Fork (Asphalt non-slip surfacing)
* The most common road renewal technique that Orange City Council uses is called Pavement Rehabilitation.Pavement rehabilitation or 'Stabilising' involves-
  • the pavement seal and gravel is pulverised by a road reclaimer machine.
  • a binder is added for strength, and the pavement is watered and re-compacted
  • a surface seal of either asphalt or sprayed seal is applied.
  • ** A Reconstruction is the replacement of the entire existing pavement structure with new materials.

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