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Councillor checks out proposed new lane widths

The Active Travel Plan (ATP) proposes channeling bike and pedestrian traffic towards a number of key north-south and east-west traffic routes, to ease their journey to and from the Orange CBD.

It’s proposed that on these key routes :

  • Car traffic would be restricted to a 3.2 metre lane in either direction in the centre of the road
  • A dedicated and marked 1.5 metre bike lane would be installed on either side of the central car traffic lanes.
  • Car parking as usual on the edges of the road.

City of Orange Traffic Committee chair, Cr Russell Turner checks out how wide these proposed lanes would be, and what difference it would make for passing traffic.

These key routes would include sections of :

  • North-south : Hill, Anson, Edward, McLachlan, Lone Pine
  • East-west : Kite, Byng, Dalton, Icely and Coronation

The first roads where the new lane markings wold be installed would be Anson (north-south) and Kite & Coronation (east-west).

You can also see a map of other roads where the new pattern of bike and traffic lanes is being considered.

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