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Where to Next? Did we get it right?

10 months ago
Breakfast meeting 1

June 6, 2018.

Orange residents have just under one week to tell Orange City Council whether they agree with its draft ten-year, blue-print plan, which forms the basis of Council decision making for the next ten years.

So far nearly 600 people have visited the Your Say Orange website to read about the plan, since it was put on exhibition three weeks ago, and of those, 40 people have completed a survey or made a comment.

The development of the plan started late last year, when Council began a conversation called Where to Next? with residents.

Council asked residents about what they love about Orange, what they would like to improve and how they think the future should look.

Hundreds of people contributed thousands of ideas and all of those ideas were put together to form the draft Community Strategic Plan (CSP).

Orange Mayor Reg Kidd said the CSP was the most important planning document a Council could create.
“It forms the basis of major decisions of the Council for the next ten years,” Cr Kidd said.

“Everything we do must come back to the priorities set out by the community, in the form of the CSP.
“We are urging the community to take this chance to tell us if we got it right.”

The Where to Next? conversation revealed a list of priorities including a better range of sport and recreation opportunities, an upgraded and more vibrant central business district, together with new steps to improve Orange’s sense of community, protect the environment, improve roads and enhance local parks.

“This plan is about higher-order themes and priorities,” Cr Kidd said.

“It’s great people come to Council and tell us about a specific footpath that they believe might need an upgrade, or a problem tree in the street, we certainly want to hear from the community, in general, about these types of things.

“But the CSP is not the place for specifics. It’s about setting our long-term priorities.

“We need you to go to the website, have a read, fill out a survey or make a comment and tell us if you think we heard what you told us.”

The deadline for feedback on the CSP is June 12.

Submission can also be made via email at and in writing.

WHERE TO NEXT: Deputy mayor Joanne McRae with mayor Reg Kidd and students who participated in the initial rounds of consultation.

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Soccer Mum 9 months ago
May be a little late to make comment. However just a couple suggestions I feel may benefit the community of Orange. CBD upgrade additions of fairy lights added to Summer Street during winter months especially for the upcoming Bon Fire Festival. Very beautiful and effective in other cities all over the world.Large practical awnings added to both existing old amenities blocks at Jack Brabham Park to help provide shelter for both the soccer and cricketer players. With the extreme weather conditions these shelters are necessary. Thanks.