Budget 2019

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The period for community consultation on the 2019 Draft Budget has concluded. A report on the community response will be considered by staff and presented to the 25 June council meeting.

Orange City Council's annual budget for the 2019/2020 financial year is now on display for community comment.

Members of the community are invited to make comments or formal submissions about any aspect of the council's income-producing and spending plans.

On this site you can find out more about the budget by:

You can have your say by:

The deadline for budget submissions is 12 June.

A report on the community feed-back will be considered by the Council meeting on 25 June.

Orange City Council's annual budget for the 2019/2020 financial year is now on display for community comment.

Members of the community are invited to make comments or formal submissions about any aspect of the council's income-producing and spending plans.

On this site you can find out more about the budget by:

You can have your say by:

The deadline for budget submissions is 12 June.

A report on the community feed-back will be considered by the Council meeting on 25 June.

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You can have your say about any aspect of Orange City Council's 2019/20 draft budget.

When making suggested changes to the budget, please keep in mind that Orange City Council is committed to returning  a balanced budget. Increasing funding in one area will  result in less funds being available in another.  

In order to leave your comment in this section of the site, you'll need to register with YourSay Orange, by entering a screen name and your email address. If you've registered before, that will let you make a contribution on this topic. 

While there is currently a budget surplus, this may be impacted by unexpected  extra costs during the coming year.

The deadline for comments is 12 June

You can also complete a brief survey on the budget by clicking on the 'Budget 2019 Survey' tab.
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

As a resident of Endsleigh Ave with a small child, I’ve been frustrated by the lack of a footpath on the block between Warrendine St and Franklin Rd. It would be greatly appreciated if one could be constructed.

I was also pleased to see that Council had recently approved access to Spring Creek for non powered vehicles. As a keen rower I’d really appreciate if council considered constructing a pontoon and other necessary infrastructure which caters for rowers so we can make use of this facility.

Edwardrichard over 3 years ago

Please change the roundabouts in central Orange to be single lane. The current lanes are too narrow it seems for most drivers who cut into the other lane as they drive around the roundabout. A separate left turn lane on approach to these roundabouts is fine, but there should only be one lane going around the roundabouts.

mel of orange over 3 years ago

Council should offer a bulky waste collection at least twice a year. All the council I have lived in have offered some form of bulky waste collection and I was quite stunned to discover that Orange Council don't do this. The rates are astounding I am yet to see any great return for this.

annmar over 3 years ago

I would love to see a pathway created through the reserve between Handford Place and William Maker Drive. This would allow for easy and safe access to Waratahs and Woolworths. This would also be a great spot for children’s play equipment. This is a family friendly area where kids often play together in the street.

Merryn over 3 years ago


Thank you for that great proposal. We need at 3 or 4 trees on the left side of our yard
107 Icely Road. And 2 trees in front of the yard. Foot path on our grass as people prefer to take a short cut and walk on our grass.


Sehlapi Moyo

9223 over 3 years ago

Hi - writing from 107 Icely Road (only new house in an old area) We need a footpath on our grasses because some school kids walk up to close to our door and window. Some boys play in the front of our house. We also need trees because all old houses there have trees in their front yard by the City Council.
On 2 occasions someone rang a bell and disappeared.

Please help


9223 over 3 years ago

I've recently moved to Orange & cannot believe you don't have bulk waste pick up available. What about people that don't drive, pensioners, people with disabilities etc etc. Don't let Glenroi spread all over this great town

seaeaglesrock over 3 years ago

Bulky waste removal needs to be back on the agenda. There are a lot of people in Orange who do not have the vehicle or money to take their bulky waste to the recovery centre.

Diana C Brind over 3 years ago

Wentworth Estate is a picturesque location to build a playground, close to families with direct access to the Wetlands.
It would be great if we could all make use of this special location in Orange

Lyndall over 3 years ago

Wentworth Estate needs a playground - there is plenty of space for equipment that many, many children would benefit from.

Suz over 3 years ago

Councils needs to listen to the many residents who are calling for a Playground for Wentworth Estate. The area offers premium access to the Wetlands and would be enjoyed by many Orange residents and visitors.

Erika.Rollin over 3 years ago

I would love to see council consider some family focussed ways of making our town a tourist destination (this would also benefit local families). Bathurst has the inflatable water park and winter family focussed festival that are always a huge success. Further away are the annual haybale hunt and animals on bikes and many more examples. I'd love to be able to stay in our own town for things similar to this.
Our local festivals are amazing but most events at these times are not truly family friendly and many are very very expensive for a family to attend. Allowing children to attend and truly catering to engage children so the whole family can have a great time and stay at an event together for a decent amount of time are 2 very different things and I believe our festivals fail miserably on the later.
Making it attractive and affordable to local or out of town business owners to come and set up pop-up activities/events for kids in the new pavilion or other vacant buildings is another idea.
Of course some focus on attracting new retail to the city is also desperately needed. I frequently go to Bathurst, Dubbo, Mudgee, Forbes etc. for work and kids sport and it is obvious that there is something their councils are doing that ours is not. This has of course been a long time issue but there has definitely been no improvement since the last change in council members and in some areas a continued decline in the lack of local retail options. Online shopping is not entirely to blame as I'm pretty sure that our neighbouring towns also have access to this.
I very much question the benefit of extending the gallery. We do visit it in its current capacity and enjoy this but only 2-3 times/year and quickly as we have children who aren't always captured by the work. We would benefit from the above focuses far more often than this as I am sure many residents would.
Given that the highest growth demographic in Orange are families with young children I don't believe that council are doing their best if they are not considering this demographic more. The role of council is to represent the people in their location and time after time the large spends seem to not consider the largest demographic that they represent (now and in the future). Perhaps some focus groups before the elenth hour with a mix of local families (parents and children) and businesses and services that work with children could help with this. A survey is great ground work but focus groups would help with providing more detail to this.

Caz6282 over 3 years ago

Orange Show Ground is a resource that has been neglected for years.The Naylor Pavilion is an exception but can't realise it's potential without a full kitchen and attached toilet facilities. Meanwhile the older buildings continue to serve our community but need to be maintained well, they are part of Orange's heritage,

SC1007 over 3 years ago

Make the roundabouts in the city center safer for pedestrians. Please consider a pedestrian crossings at each corner. At the moment pedestrians have to try to run between cars to get accross the street. Some pedestrians might be elderly or walking with children.

HH over 3 years ago

Please upgrade the play equipment in Sir Neville Howse Park. It's broken in places to the point it is not safe for children. It's in beautiful surroundings and close to so many young children that would benefit from it. I've contacted council twice about the broken equipment and have been ignored both times.

Hannah.damerell over 3 years ago

4 million to upgrade Orange Regional Gallery, when many of the roads we have in Orange are sub par to say the least . We also have a lot of homeless people here. What about a fixing some of the roads and building a large shed or something where those that are homeless can go to shower and be out of the harsh cold of winter.

RMA over 3 years ago

I know this might sound like a joke, but I'm completely serious.
Why don't we have a giant double slide going down the giant concrete steps from the museum roof? Big enough for any age. Imagine taking your kids to the museum, then having a hot chocolate at the café, then racing them down a huge slide! It would boost tourism interest, as when people arrive at the visitors centre there's some fun waiting for them. That would make me remember my trip to Orange.

fcantrill over 3 years ago

A walking track through DOBBIN PARK, running between Carroll St and Franklin Rd - locals have been asking for this for some years. More and more people walk through Dobbin Park on their way to work, or walk their dogs, in this area of South Orange. A simple dirt track would help them to keep their feet dry in winter as well as help them to find a safe, level surface to walk on.

VGeorge over 3 years ago

I think you need to provide a true "park" in the Wentworth estate. It was promised 5 years ago and all you have done is put in 2 swings and spent the rest of the money in Glenroi. How much rates income is made in Glenroi vs Wentworth estates? Give to the community who are actually going to get the most benefit if the money spent and actually appreciate it.

turnbuj1 over 3 years ago

Would love to see clear direction markings in the dangerous free for all that is the Anson Street Woolworths car park!!!!

Jnel_10 over 3 years ago